Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beijing, China June/July 2008

Whew. Finally, I've finished going through my photos from two recent business trips to Beijing. We've just finished up working on a two and a half minute film for Johnson and Johnson for their Olympic Pavilion. There were a few days where there were either delays or where we were rendering which gave me a little bit of time to document some of greater Beijing. I was fortunate enough to visit such sites as the Olympic grounds (where I was working), the Forbidden City and nearby temples, a number of Hu Tong neighborhoods (the old areas with small alleyways that they are busy tearing down as fast as they can), the Great Wall, and the 798 Art district (which I highly recommend!!).
Click the link below to see a set of galleries of my photos. There are 11 sections that you can choose from.

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