Wednesday, April 27, 2011

first night time time lapse

First time I tried out a timelapse at night. The two moves are at two different speeds as you can see.

Interestingly, you can see the flight path for planes heading to LaGuardia airport and away from JFK pretty clearly.

...and 'uninterestingly', you can see there's a problem with the track not being fixed down :-(

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Forget about Bansky, 'Hanksy' has just put this one up in Little Italy. (you may need to click to see the full size of this, as it's a bit far away.) This is like a joke on top of a joke on top of a joke!

MoCo Timelapse, here we go!

Thanks to Dynamic Perception, I've finally taken the next step in my long quest to get set up with a motion controlled time lapse rig. I'm pretty excited. I've put together the unit and mastered the fundamentals of the dolly controller. I still need some essential pieces to the puzzle, but I have enough ready now that I was able to do a few tests.

Above are some pictures of it coming together and here's the first test video:

MoCo04 from Damijan Saccio on Vimeo.

First outdoor tests. I still need a battery pack and tripods, so possibilities are still pretty limited. Good stuff to come in a few weeks though!

MoCo05 from Damijan Saccio on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Photo Session from the Jazz Standard posted

I haven't had a lot of chances to post new photos lately, but just last week I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph Ben Allison's new band to help celebrate their new album release Action-Refraction.
Check out the pictures here