Monday, May 28, 2012

Finally Finland Fotos (sic)

Don't know why it took so long.  These are mostly just tourist photos from my brief April visit to Helsinki and only a few art-shots thrown in there, but several people have been asking to see, so here you go.  Sorry, the architecture section is pretty long, but I think there are some interesting buildings there.  Oh, the Art Museum is 'Chiasma' by Stephen Holl

Anton Vill

Here's another very talented individual (says she's female on Facebook, but isn't Anton a guys name?) This person lives in Estonia and has just done some amazing work at the new Maritime Museum in case you're in Tallinn any time soon.  A must see!


Entropy (Melilla, Spain-Morocco)
While we wait for me to get my act together to post recent photos I've taken, here's a really great graffiti artist I heard about recently.  Check his work out.